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Does your child have a new diagnosis?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to start?  Our Executive Director and team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts have an extensive history in providing Early Intervention Services to young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), PDD-NOS, and other developmental delays that result in socially significant change. Here at Adventure Learning, we believe in child led and play-based interventions. Our goal is to provide a fun and inviting atmosphere, and we love our kids! 




Mission - Building confident kids
Our mission, partnering with client families and caregivers, is to deliver timely, effective, and personalized ABA therapy to empower our clients to find their voice as they develop confidence and socially appropriate relationships within their families and communities.

Vision – Preserving the uniquity of each child

Our vision is that all children that we serve have access to the services and education they deserve, providing them the opportunity to thrive emotionally, physically, and socially.

Values - Every moment leads with concern

 Child and family focused

    Research driven approach

         Compassionate trauma-informed therapy

        Play-based learning

         Team approach to therapy

         Passionate client advocacy

        Continual learning environment for therapists


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